Column: Changing face of weddings

Yvonne and Ian's weddingYvonne and Ian's wedding
Yvonne and Ian's wedding
I recently attended the lovely wedding of couple Yvonne Howse and her partner Ian, at Williamson's  memorial, which was absolutely gorgeous and suitably romantic.

It reminded me of my own back in 2008, which was also a fantastic day, when we entered to the strains of Bob Marley no less! Anyway I digress. The bride turned up and we all watched the happy events unfold.

It was one of our fine sunny days, and we saw one very happy couple get married in a stunning location, before their honeymoon to a secret sun-drenched location a couple of days later. As it was attended by most of the RLI, it should be added that it wasn’t the day for the local population to fall ill!

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Anyway, it got me thinking about how your modern wedding compares with the past.

Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, you were lucky if you got a bag of peanuts thrown in, for your attendance. As long as you had your hat and dress, your reward was simply seeing the lovely couple tie the knot before flying off on their honeymoon or long weekend to Blackpool.

I do recall one glamorous wedding of 1970 where a tipsy relative climbed in with the bride and groom as they set off on their life’s journey, but the main treat then for guests was the buffet meal and flowing champagne.

These days the hen party and stag do can be quite a big thing, with expensive trips abroad whereas a trip round the locals seemed to do the job back in the day. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re at an Oscars party nowadays with all the gifts bestowed.

So what’s on offer in 2017?

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Alongside the fantastic food, how about the bride’s pre-wedding hair, make-up and nail trial, for a start, then add coordinating chair sashes to decorate the venue and even flip flops for spoilt guests!

How about adding a toiletry basket full of lovely goodies too and, for the selfie brigade, a photo booth to take pictures in, complete with wigs and dressing up gear to make it really good fun.

Also, these days, the lucky couple are quite likely to receive a handsome money gift instead of the obligatory toaster from the local store.

However, although the way we get married has changed somewhat, at the end of the day, love is still love!