Column: All the fun of our childhood fairs

Carol Foster and her brother in the stocks at Heysham Head
Carol Foster and her brother in the stocks at Heysham Head

A few fun memories of Lancaster from the past this week.

Years ago, long before Blobbygate, I remember Happy Mount Park as a wonderful place for young children.

Bouncing endlessly on one of several large trampolines was great fun and I vaguely recall some tennis courts nearby for bigger ‘uns.

There was a busy cafe to one side which served hot drinks and food then, somewhere at the back of the park, I remember a putting green which was my favourite thing about the place.

The satisfying sound of the ball finally going in the hole after a million tries and pleasant atmosphere, remain firmly in mind.

Another favourite childhood haunt was the fairground in Morecambe with its high wavy slide you would whizz down on mats, and its rides. Was it pink perhaps?

I recall a ride called Mousetrap or similar which was particularly exciting as it flew slightly over the edge of the track to terrifying effect.

In all honesty, I do mix it up in my memory with Blackpool’s fairground but I seem to recall a ghost train as well, which was quite good fun.

However, my favourite childhood haunt of all was Heysham Head.

Locals will remember it well for it was a fascinating place for children.

I do, in fact, still have a photo of me and my brother in the wooden stocks!

Best memories there include the boat swings and Helter Skelter.

To this day, I clearly remember climbing up the winding wooden stairs to the top then zooming down on the mats. I also vaguely recall a pond with kiddie boats and a go-kart track too, as well as a rather sad little zoo.

A bustling cafe sat nearby and in the late 1970s, a nightclub (which may have been on site all along).

It always seemed to be sunny there too though perhaps this memory was simply that it was usually in the summer holidays.

I remember the excitement of arriving in the car then walking to the entrance where you would get stamped on your hand, or drinking milkshake after all the whizzing about.

I am sure there must be dozens of you out there with similar memories so I’d love to hear those of my readers’ too. Fun times!