Column: A taste of my new novella

Carol Forster
Carol Forster

I’ve just published a short novella, entitled ‘The Rose of Galway’ - a romantic story full of passion and danger - where Rose faces many challenges.

I hope you enjoy it and to whet your appetites I’m including an excerpt here:

‘....Digging in her pocket for some change, the man smiled in gratitude and she vowed to return with a hot coffee.

Having only just arrived, everything felt daunting, and she had to find work urgently. Well-dressed and groomed, there was the hope that someone would take her on straight away, as she would run out of money soon.

Marco had stuffed some cash in her hand before the flight, but although generous, it would hardly sustain her for long, in such an expensive city.

The day before had been quite exhausting, bundling all her belongings together, including her most precious paintings.

She’d had to leave a few behind with Marco, but had managed to bring her most treasured – a landscape painting of Ischia.

Leaving Naples had been extremely hard for her. She’d been there a long time and got used to the crazy pace and passionate people, not to mention exquisite aromas that came from one pizzeria or the next, but she’d had to leave in a hurry and bundled herself into her boyfriend’s brother’s car, to get onto the next flight to London.

The first day had been the worst, plagued with a million different thoughts and emotions to cope with; none of them good.

Having found a cheap hotel for a couple of nights, she’d simply slept until the early hours, then woken in a cold sweat of fear.

Were they here?

Exhaustion had finally overtaken, till she fell back asleep, but etched on her forehead were the remnants of fear.

Every time she heard a car backfire, she jumped, heart pounding and looked around, expecting the worst.

The words of Antonio kept coming into her head, like an earworm: ‘Watch your back...’