Challenge to source at least 30 per cent of food locally

Lancaster Guardian columnist, Anna Clayton.
Lancaster Guardian columnist, Anna Clayton.

LESS’s Growing Our Local Food Economy (GOLFE) project is now running a Local Food Pledge challenge.

The Local Food Pledge asks individuals and organisations living and working within Lancaster district to try and source at least 30 per cent of their food locally for three months.

In signing up to this challenge, the GOLFE team supports pledgers by explaining what is meant by ‘local’, in addition to providing a range of local food resources that help to locate where local food can be accessed and 

A number of local residents have already signed up to the Local Food Pledge and are sharing their stories and tips with each other.

One such pledger is Emily Heath: “I’ve completed three weeks of the Local Food Pledge and it has been exciting to see how easy it is to buy more than half of my food from independent local businesses.

“I haven’t got a car so I tend to shop little and often, and I’m a big fan of farms that deliver to your 

“I order from Growing With Nature, based in Pilling, who have recently introduced a new online ordering system so you can select what you want your fruit and veg box to contain.”

“I get my milk and orange juice delivered in reusable glass bottles by R&J Dairy Ltd – a small local family-run business based in Heysham.

“They deliver all kinds of dairy and non-dairy products (including organic milk, goats’ milk, soya milk, yogurt, cheese, various drinks, potatoes, meat, etc.)

“If you haven’t taken the local food pledge plunge yet, why not give it a go?”

The Local Food Pledge is a great opportunity to learn about the amazing array of food on offer in the Lancaster District, with the support of the friendly GOLFE 

Through taking the pledge, individuals will act on reducing the miles taken for food to travel to their dinner plates.

And by spending 30 per cent of your grocery budget on local food, pledgers will directly support the vibrancy of our local economy – by reducing the money leaks associated with spending money at large multinational supermarket chains.

Furthermore, all pledgers who complete the challenge and return their pledge diaries to LESS by November 27 will be entered into a free prize draw for a £30 local food hamper.

So, get pledging.

You can sign up to the Local Food Pledge online: or by contacting

You could also phone 01524 66100 and one of the GOLFE team will post you the initial form or fill it in over the phone.