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The Trulli of Alberobello.
The Trulli of Alberobello.

Having just watched the early World Cup games with an excruciated eye, it got me thinking wistfully that 1966 wasn’t thaat long ago.

What was happening then? Oh yes, England won the World Cup; The Beatles; Thunderbirds and ‘Bill and Ben’! Ah, ‘Bill and Ben’ seemed so exciting to a small child, and I loved the concept of escaping under your own flowerpot when the 
terrifying gardener appeared or the going got too much.

This brings to mind an amazing place in Puglia called Alberobello.

Here, it’s as if Bill, Ben and their entire extended family moved in and built their own town.

The ‘Trulli’, are drystone, round shaped houses, reminiscent of upturned flower pots in a Mediterranean setting.

The present settlement dates from the middle ages when the Prince of Taranto moved people from other fiefs to live there, but a prehistoric settlement in the area had similar dwellings.

Allegedly, drystone walling was imposed so the houses could be quickly dismantled and reconstructed, as a ploy to avoid paying tax to the greedy tax inspectors sent by the King of Naples.

I would love one.

Imagine popping your head out to see your neighbours.

Not only would you have that Bill and Ben thing going on, with possibly Little Weed on Neighbourhood Watch, but you’d also feel a bit like a tortoise venturing out of its shell following hibernation.

It would be great, and if Gerard Depardieu lived there too, he wouldn’t have quite the same possibility to drench you from on high.

You could even have your own bucket of water near the front door, for such eventualities, though you might end up being ‘hoist by your own petard’ if Gerard got wind of it.

He might do a ‘sneaky sideways one’, I suppose, but don’t get me thinking about the World Cup again...

If only Rooney had done a ‘sneaky sideways one’.

Perhaps we could use Cryonics on Pirlo, deep freeze him till the next World Cup, then borrow him? Just a thought.

Alberobello here I come.