Carol Forster column

Carol Forster.
Carol Forster.

It’s been an interesting week here in sunny Lecce.

My husband James has been to stay, and really liked it, and he too developed a passion for the local cheese – not my beloved Stracchino, but Pecorino, which is an absolutely divine experience in itself.

However, it’s probably a good job we particularly like different cheeses or we might have started fighting over them. Cheese wars!

Anyway, he enjoyed his time pottering around the streets of Lecce, drinking cappuccinos and soaking up the ambience, not to mention our habit of a daily ice-cream.

I also enjoyed his Penne all’arrabbiata, which was as good as the restaurant versions.

Unfortunately, however, I have been struck by a dreaded flu-like hayfever combo, which has been torturous, to say the least.

This has seen me spending my time whizzing from Farmacia to school and back again in record time.

It’s also meant that I have been participating in the high volume experience, one associates with Italy, with my gargantuan sneezes, wheezes and coughs – not the best experience I can tell you.

However, perhaps the most disconcerting thing was that my brilliant students have been doing their exams this week, including Oral exams.

This was really quite a thing for all of us as I am quite deaf at the moment, due to said illnesses.

This meant that whilst my poor students struggled to understand my questions with ‘Cosa?’(the English equivalent of ‘What?’) I responded with ‘What, could you repeat that please?’ so we did a merry dance of auditory confusion and 
by the end of it, I don’t know who was the more confused or which of us did the exam.

What? Cosa? What? Cosa? Perhaps we should do a rap.

Aside from retiring occasionally to a darkened room, I’ve been adjusting my inner thermostat to some seriously hot weather.

Am I in sub Saharan Africa really?

It is absolutely roasting, so I have taken to consuming vast amounts of water.

I keep those supermarkets in business, I tell you – if it’s not Stracchino, it’s aqua.