Carol Forster column

Carol Forster.
Carol Forster.

It was great to hear that extremely talented singer and fellow Lancastrian, ‘our John Waite’ has just been in Italy playing at the Frontiers Rock Festival, Milan, and, by all accounts, went down very well indeed.

John has a big fan following in Italy and said recently that ‘Best’ - his latest – is number one on his Italian Itunes.

Lecce is also full of local talent. For example, Michele Alberto Chironi is a name to follow if you are interested in European cinema.

He’s a very talented young film-maker from Lecce, who has just won both the coveted ‘CNC’ and ‘Augustus Color’ awards in the Puglia category of the 15th European film festival, held at the Multisala Massimo Cinema in Lecce in early May.

He won for his short film entitled ‘Via Tempio Antico’ which is about how the slow and static pace of life in a small southern Italian town contrasts with the frenetic lives of the bakers working there.

He’s currently working on a new short film called ‘La Zona Avvelenata’, (The Poisoned Zone) which is a thriller, along with colleagues Danilo Quilibrino and Angelo Tacente.

There’s also young gifted musician, Mauro Longo from Lecce.

Music has been his passion since being a child when he studied piano at school, but the drums later became his main instrument.

He practises every day and plays in several bands including ‘Superfly (A Jamiroquai tribute band)’.

What a star.

Mauro’s a very busy bee and says, ‘I love life with music by my side and couldn’t live without it’.

Last, but not least, there’s talented singer Ester Fanciullo.

She started singing as a small child but really began to sing in a more professional way from the age of 12.

Ester has a beautiful voice and is versatile, so she sings different styles of music including pop, soul and rock.

So, Lancaster and Lecce may be far apart, geographically, but they have something in common – a lot of talent.

These people are all names to look out for and all supremely talented.