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The green shuttered turret.
The green shuttered turret.
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One sunny day, we decided to visit a place that we’d seen from a distant hotel beach front.

The pinky gold buildings, the Duomo, right there by a harbour, the sun overhead seemed enticing enough.

I knew little about it, this mirage of loveliness, like Venice from some ship and ancient in form.

It looked just like Trani, an attractive seaport, known for its beauty but this place was smaller – a miniscule version of somewhere quite special and yet quite unknown.

So, camera in bag and a map of the place, we set off to find this gorgeous vision.

And what a pretty town it was. You’d like Giovinazzo, but I bet the Dickens you’ve never heard of it.

There, wedged between Bari and Trani on the Apulian coast, it’s a delightful little spot by the sea, with an ancient turret and brightly coloured bobbing fishing boats.

We even had the pleasure of meeting Turret Man!

Turret man’s as old as the hills and he wanders restlessly around the harbour area.

He chatted to us as we trod the sights, proudly inviting us to see his boat.

Turret man was lovely but also quite surprising as, when we later explored the harbour and looked across at the landmark green-shuttered turret, to our amazement, who did we see waving to us from a high window?

Yes, Turret man. He lives there, as proud as a python and old as the hills.

Giovinazzo also seems to love our feline friends who drape over boats, roofs and pavements in every nook and cranny here. As they snooze in the sun, you can’t help thinking that they’ve got it so right, with their fish opportunities and sun-drenched sleeps.

Turret man’s tales of the sea enthralled us, as he spoke of his fisherman past and the high lashing waves before the sea barrier was there.

Sunny, peaceful Giovinazzo, with its sleepy cats and ancient past, is worth a visit, but don’t forget to wave to Turret man from his green shuttered window as you pass.