Carol Forster column

Richard Gere.
Richard Gere.

Waking up to the unusual experience of March sunshine, I wonder what Richard Gere made of this place when he visited to make an Orangina advert.

Although he checked in as Mr. Brown, no one was fooled as the poor guy was thronged from hotel to ‘Chiesa’ and had to retire to the hotel roof garden for repose. This is nothing compared to resident French actor, Gerard Depardieu, who now has a page dedicated to him following his antics in January.

It seems that the noisy pub below his flat was too much for him one night, so he took a leaf out of ‘that scene’ in ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’ by throwing a large bucket of cold water on Saturday night revellers, along with a few choice mots.

Perhaps his favourite butcher’s shop, near my school, should be on alert for possible sausage slinging tantrums.

However, one has to accept that Lecce is quite a place – traditionally southern Italian with a beautiful historical centre known as ‘the Florence of the south’, it also sports Tango by night and my colleague‘s recent Scottish dancing moment, dumbfounding the locals, which is no small feat.

You do need to watch the pavements however.

As I walk (or should I say scale) the pavements, I’m ever ready to schloop down the Italian equivalent of a sink-hole.

It does happen here. It seems the money for its infrastructure went on a holiday of its own.