Campus in the City Column

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After such a fantastic first half of the project, we are really looking forward to the next five weeks, writes co-manager Lindsey King.

It has been a long five weeks for us, working in the shop, but it has been a lot of fun. It has been great to see so many people getting involved in our events too.

In the past week alone we have offered careers advice, discussed whether robots really are going to steal our jobs and taken a trip around the world (without leaving the shop) with Lancaster University International Office and the Confucius Institute on April 13.

During that event, we found out more about some of the 100 plus countries our students come from, sampled tea, tried our hands at calligraphy and had a go at playing some Chinese musical instruments (pictured).

We will be attempting another Campus in the City ‘first’ next week as we invite animals into our shop. On April 26, we will be joined by some creatures from Lancaster and Morecambe College’s Animal Studies Department and by Dr Alison Sealey from the Department of Linguistics and English Language.

Alison will ask us why your cat is a pet but a cockroach in the kitchen is considered a pest and looking at whether the words we use to describe different animals affects the way we think about them. We will also be asking everyone to tell us how they feel about our animal visitors. And from animal visitors to human visitors, we have been collecting anonymous votes and comments on what you would like to see again next year.

In the coming week, we will be trying to settle the argument about which smartphone is best on April 22-23. Defying dementia and the diseases which cause it by profiling ground-breaking research on April 28. Attempting to survive a virtual reality haunted house with the Gaming and Esports Society on April 22.