Call for opposition to clam hospital closure campaign

David Morris MP.
David Morris MP.

Last week we saw the publication of the Kirkup enquiry which was an investigation into the deaths of mothers and babies at Furness General Hospital.

I welcomed the recommendations of the report and whilst I know the families who were affected by this tragedy found the report deeply shocking and difficult reading, I know they too welcomed the recommendations.

On Friday Eric Pickles MP announced a crackdown on parking charges and fines

I used the reports statement to ask the opposition to now clam their erroneous campaign on hospital closures which only serves to frighten people.

It is now time for the whole community to unite behind the trust under the leadership of Jackie Daniel, and support the staff to implement the remainder of recommendations of the report.

On Friday Eric Pickles MP announced a crackdown on parking charges and fines.

I welcome this as it is a positive step for local businesses and for residents who are shopping in the town centre.

One of the proposals was to include a 10 minute grace period for parking tickets before a fine is issues, I am sure we have all be held up for five minutes and not got back to our cars in time before we have been issued a ticket.

The proposals also ban councils from using parking fines to generate a profit.

On Friday I also had a meeting at County Hall, regarding the transport master plan for the Lancaster district which is being published in the next few weeks.

The main areas of my discussion focussed on the M6 Link ,my idea for the tunnel under Morecambe Bay, and the need for a feasibility study into the restoration of the mainline platform at Carnforth station.

The people in Carnforth have done a very good job of raising the issue of the station with the transport team and I will be looking for the inclusion of a connectivity study in the master plan when it is released.

It is important to note however that when released the public will be invited to take part in a consultation on the document.