Booths recipe with a trio of friendly flavours

A great midweek meal dish and it only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook

Thursday, 3rd September 2020, 12:30 pm

This light vegetarian recipe from Booths is a great midweek meal dish, as it only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook, and uses three flavours that always work brilliantly together –garlic, lemon and chilli.


3tbsp lemon oil

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Vegetarian meal

Three cloves garlic, sliced

Two red chillies, sliced

One Savoy cabbage, core removed and shredded

Salt and pepper


To serve

Pasta of choice for four

Extra lemon oil


1. Heat the lemon oil over a medium heat in a sauté pan.

2. Add the garlic and chili and cook for two minutes.

3. Add the shredded cabbage and cook, lid on for eight minutes stirring occasionally.

4. Cook the pasta as per pack instructions, drain and keep warm.

5. Season the cabbage with salt and pepper.

Toss the cabbage through the pasta and serve in warmed pasta bowls.

6. Drizzle over extra lemon oil and enjoy.

Chefs Tip

To adapt this recipe for meat eaters, add 100g saluted pancetta cubes.

This dish is perfect for used as a side dish for a summer Sunday roast, just omit the pasta.