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Blaise Tapp.
Blaise Tapp.
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It has long been well known that work can be bad for one’s health.

Office-induced stress, high blood pressure, heavy drinking brought on by the aforementioned stress, being handbagged by the wife for indulging in a bit of workplace-based how’s-yer-father, the list goes on.

But there is a new hazard to add to the Why Work Should Be Banned list - eating at your desk. In fact a new study suggests that anybody who eats away from their own dining table runs a real risk of being talent spotted for the Roly Polys.

The reason why eating at your desk is this week’s Filthy Habit Which Needs To Be Kicked is because the experts behind the study have concluded that people who eat six meals a week and more away from home have less vitamins in their blood and higher cholesterol levels.

The scientists in question have effectively declared war on what they describe as eating out. It appears that nutritionists believe that we make better choices about what to eat when amongst loved ones which is true to a point as there is nobody to nag us when we slip away from the office to satisfy our desire for hot pastry.

It is also true that when the Other Half is not looking we are more likely to slap an extra layer of butter and double the acceptable amount of cheese onto our sandwiches, therefore making them far less healthy than the stingy High Street equivalent.

But despite all the warnings millions still eat at their desks, despite research years ago which found that office keyboards carried more germs than the average toilet. Clearly the average office diet is a poor one - take the average newsroom where it is par for the course to have a selection of cakes and giant cookies on offer at least twice a week.

This issue is unlikely to change as the pressures of working life are such that it is a necessity for millions of us to grab what we can to eat. The fact is that the ticking obesity timebomb will have to get much worse before we stop eating precisely what takes our fancy and listen to the constant warnings.