Bank holiday means having to work birthday yet again

Allan Blackburn.
Allan Blackburn.

So this weekend sees another bank holiday, which for some means a rest, but for us here at the antiques centre it means lots of visitors.

It is also my birthday.

It’s May 25, which means for years and years I have had to work on my birthday and often it’s one the busiest weekends of the year.

In fact, I can’t actually remember a birthday where I’ve not been at 

For so many families a bank holiday means both mums and dads are off work so it’s a time to spend 

We see lots of dads playing with their children at Giggles Play Area, which is just round the corner, while the mums get some precious time to themselves.

The ladies come into the antiques centre and browse unhurried, often treating themselves to something special.

We get about 500-800 visitors every day over a bank holiday – a few more if the weather isn’t kind.

I’m ashamed to say we love rainy days here at Lancaster Leisure Park.

But it’s not all work, work, work.

We do try and arrange a meal in the evening where all the family can gather together, including my children and their families, 

We go out to eat, normally to The Italian Orchard, which I know I have mentioned in this column before.

It’s a regular haunt of ours as the food is exceptional. We’ve been going so often we get great personal service and, probably most importantly on birthday nights out, we can all walk home, as it just a few minutes from the house.

My daughter Mel loves it.

She is 29 years old now and severely autistic.

She loves it there and always behaves well, so the evening is stress 

I know some people that consider their birthday a “moveable feast” and have a party when it’s convenient, but we like to celebrate on the actual day, regardless of how busy we are.

All my family are local and it’s a family business so I don’t let anyone forget the fact that it’s my special