Alternative View: Get rid of your swollen tummy

Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.

Judging by the people we have seen recently, we are again at that time of year where holidays are being planned and thoughts are turning to how to achieve a flatter stomach before setting off.

So this week I am going to have a look at things that can help with just that.

I am not talking about rapid weight loss here, what I am talking about is helping people who suffer with a swollen or bloated belly.

These people could wake up with a reasonably flat stomach, but during the day the size can increase dramatically - I have seen many people who say they wake up normal and go to bed looking eight months pregnant!

This can make people think that they are overweight, it can make people feel self conscious, especially around this time of year when getting ready to go on holiday.

If you can identify the right underlying factors, it is possible to improve this situation dramatically within two weeks.

First - do you move your bowels daily without a problem?

If not, this can be a major causative factor.

A build up of waste matter in the bowel can cause the tummy to look a lot more swollen. Add to that the fact that the stuck waste can the start to ferment, leading to a build up of gas, which will blow the stomach up further.

We had one lady - a pretty extreme case, who was only moving her bowel once a week, this caused her stomach to bulge significantly more than it should.

To help we suggested a combination of the mineral magnesium, to help promote better contractions in the bowel, to move things along with a fibre supplement.

There are a few to choose between and it can be worth having a chat to see what would be best for you.

In this case I suggested a product called FOS, a fibre which can also have a stimulating effect on the gut wall.

The combination worked really well and after a couple of weeks the lady concerned reported that not only was her bowel working properly, much to her delight she had also gone down a whole dress size!

If the problem is not related to constipation, then in could well be caused by a build up of unfriendly fermentative, gas causing bacteria in your gut.

This was the problem for the lady I mentioned at the beginning of the article who was taking a change of trousers to work with her. We suggested to her that she tried a remedy called Echinacea & Goldenseal followed up with a product called Molkosan. Don’t panic about your swollen tummy before your holidays - get rid of it!