Allan Blackburn column

Allan Blackburn.
Allan Blackburn.

It was exactly five years ago that things went bump in the night.

After years of knocking, banging and unexplained happenings in the antiques centre we decided to take action and called in an expert.

Often my son, Jimmy, had felt a presence of ‘something’ in the centre and wanted to investigate it, but I was a complete sceptic and didn’t really want to get involved.

He called in a lady called Maddie from the Morecambe based Phoenix Group and she knew immediately that there was something amiss.

She asked me if something had come into the building within the last three years, that was in some way connected to the sea.

I said there was an old seaman’s chest at the other end of the building.

As she walked around she said she could feel a “Sentient Energy” that was a seaman that was lost.

He was trying to attract attention by banging about. I realised that an old sea captain’s chest had been in the centre a number of years and as we discovered later, it was indeed this chest where the ghost was.

On Friday, August 7, Maddie, the Phoenix Group and three members of my staff took part in an all night investigation.

Starting at 9pm, Maddie made contact with the seaman who was named Edmund. They also discovered that he had another ghost with him (also a naval man) whose name wasn’t discovered, and a small nine year old boy called Sam.

It was later revealed that the commotion that Jimmy had witnessed was Sam, trying to get help and attract attention.

During the night a Spirit Board was used and Edmund said he recognised two of the staff at the centre. Their names were spelt out on the board.

Coat hangers moved, cupboard doors banged and slammed, footsteps could be heard and some of the girls taking part were quite emotional.

By 3am the three spirits had passed over into the other side and as sceptical as I am, even I could feel the difference that the spirits were no longer there.

Since then we have had other ghostly visits, always connected to certain pieces of furniture that are brought in.

Wardrobes usually cause some drama and regular visits from Maddie help to send them away.