Allan Blackburn column

Allan Blackburn.
Allan Blackburn.

What a busy week. I don’t know why, but this week we have been inundated with requests for stalls at the Antiques Centre from traders and sellers wanting to display their wares.

We always pride ourselves on having a variety of different dealers so there’s something for all types of collectors and buyers and at the moment have a long waiting list for anyone wanting a stand.

Over the years we have worked hard to find such a good variety of reputable and committed dealers.

The centre has recently expanded to accommodate even more dealers, and at the moment we house 100 stands spread over 40,000 sq feet and its definitely this variety of goods on offer that is the key to our success.

The centre now includes dealers from throughout the U.K. including a Deco specialist, a dealer in nautical instruments and a toy expert, as well as furniture, ceramics and book dealers.

It’s an eclectic blend and there is barely a field of the last two hundred years which is not represented somewhere here.

Recently, we have a dealer arrived selling Edwardian Furniture and he has immediately proved very popular.

Whilst more than half of the centre is occupied by Victorian pine, Edwardian oak or Georgian walnut furniture, there are still plenty of dealers with other fascinating collectables like the Retro Moderne stand, lots of kitchenalia and even a stand selling old comics and annuals.

It’s a surprising contrast which enriches the centre.

Some items here may not be true antiques, but everything we have is innovative and unusual.

There are many buyers, trade and general public alike, who want contemporary design, gadgets, quirky items or who are just looking for a moment of nostalgia from their childhood.

Every year we have managed to attract more visitors and more dealers, which is a testament to how popular the centre is and the business opportunities it provides.

We welcome over 2,000 visitors through the doors each week and I am proud to be the Owner here, working alongside my wife, son and daughter.