Allan Blackburn column

Allan Blackburn.
Allan Blackburn.

Last Monday I wasn’t feeling very well, so I had a very rare, lazy day at home.

It’s unusual for me to put the TV on during the day time, but like I say I was relaxing and flicking through the channels.

What should come on but a repeat of Antiques Road Trip which was filmed in 2012.

The BBC experts Anita Manning (an auctioneer from Glasgow) and Philip Serrell (an auctioneer from Worcester), travelled up to GB Antiques Centre in their 1965 Sunbeam Alpine.

The programme sees the two presenters competing to find the best bargains in antiques shops throughout their journey, before selling them at auction when they reach their final destination.

They called at Carnforth and even had a snoop around the Judges Lodgings before spending the afternoon with my son, Jimmy, and I where they had their biggest success.

They found lots of fun items including a croquet style game called Glidoball marked up at 10 shillings, which they bought for £30, and a chair from the Arts and Crafts period, costing £20.

Their favourite purchase was a wonderful Canton vase which Philip eventually secured for £50 after a lot of haggling with me.

After saying goodbye, they travelled to an auction house in Cleveleys where every item they’d bought here made a small gain, but Philip got the biggest profit of the day when the Canton vase realised a fantastic £165.

Both presenters really enjoyed their day with us at GB Antiques, found lots of fun and interesting items and said it was the biggest centre they had ever been in.

They also bought several items from the centre to take home.

The programme gave GB Antiques Centre a whopping 15 minutes of BBC airtime with some lovely views of the centre, Lancaster itself and the surrounding countryside.

But what amazed me was that we saw a huge surge of visitors after the programme aired.

The girls on the reception desk couldn’t work out why we were suddenly so very very busy until I explained about my 15 mins of fame.