All I want for Christmas is... Ischia

The beautiful Italian island of Ischia
The beautiful Italian island of Ischia

Every Christmas we are bombarded with a deluge of pop songs on a theme as we enter our local shops.

Slade aside, one such delight, ‘All I want for Christmas’, could be completed with two simple words.... ‘is Ischia’!

Now as you all know, I am an island fancier of grand proportions and cannot resist the charms of a Mediterranean island. I also have a particular fondness for those little gems that hug “the boot”, as Italy is known.

One has recently caught my fancy is Ischia.

This is Capri’s less glamorous cousin, but holy guacamole it really is a delight.

The most appealing thing about Ischia, in my humble opinion, is how verdant and lush it is.

It is as if a stunning park had been dropped into the sea.

Talking of beautiful gardens, one of its many treasures is the exotic Mortella Garden, designed by Russell Page.

This is not to be confused with that ‘Whole Lotta Love’ singer Jimmy Page!

The garden is just paradise, with its exotic plants and palms punctuated by fountains and pools.

If you’re a lazy, you could head off to the Lacco Ameno spa resort, and if you have rock fancying pals around (No dear, not Led Zep!) who likes a bit of the hard stuff, head for the 10 metre high Tufa rock, Il Fungo, but hang on to that diving fancier again!

At the local spa you can also have mud splattered all over you and try not to feel like a berk.

Casamicciola hasn’t got the best history, having been the home of eruptions and earthquakes – but don’t let that put you off!

It also has ‘the waters’ to dip into for therapeutic


If you want a bit of peace and quiet the southern most part of the island is lovely, with Chestnut forests and Monte Epomeo, Ischia’s highest peak, standing guard.

But now to return to the topic again of our jumping friends. Unfortunately the humble bunny is on the plate of Ischia and is the island’s

signature dish.

This is another reason why the sensible critters have headed south and taken residence on Bunny Island.

Don Coniglio is no doubt sorting it and arranging to make good their escape.

No fool they.