Accidently seeing Queen drive by made mum’s day

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

Who saw the Queen then? We did, by accident.

I was taking my lovely old mum to the clinic and they drove right past us here in Galgate.

It made her day.

After my recent column about politicians needing to get to grips with digi communication I’m delighted to see that our new MP Cat Smith is posting a weekly short video diary on 
Facebook to keep us informed.

People get too hung up on video needing to be all highly polished.

Sometimes that’s necessary of course but a simple 90 second video that’s informative can be perfect and costs nothing more than time.

Last week we got the sad news that the body of a man I know had been found.

We weren’t close but I’ve known him for a long 
time and he was a good 

In what I presume was a state of shock I found myself feeling very intolerant of some of the things that were coming up on my Facebook feed.

I had to ask myself why I’m ‘Facebook friends’ with people I don’t have anything in common with.

I had 385 Facebook friends but didn’t know half of them.

I talk to young people about not accepting invites to connect from people they don’t know, but there was I willing to share all my information with people just because they knew someone I knew.

So I had a good spring clean and deleted 120 people in less than three minutes.

It was good to tidy up and to make a decision that I want my Facebook profile to be just for people that I like talking to.

The other thing I got to pondering was that, for me, the celebration of social media was that it gave people a voice (of course there are still many that don’t have access to or don’t want to use it).

But in our excitement to use our new found voice to tell the world that we are right and how wrong everyone else is, we have forgotten to listen.

If everyone is busy talking who is listening (apart from MI5)?

So I’ve decided to take time to listen properly.

If we all just listened well to one person each for five minutes it could make a big difference - and we might just learn something.

Have a great week and stay safe online.