Parking mad - Bungling council slammed for only resurfacing middle of residential street to save money

Bungling council workers have been blasted by residents after they only resurfaced the MIDDLE of their road in a bid to save cash.

Homeowners were even forced to move their cars to allow the work to be completed but were left baffled when only half their street was repaired.

Leicester City Council carried out the work on Stretton Road

Leicester City Council carried out the work on Stretton Road

Leicester City Council carried out the work on Stretton Road in the West End area of the city on Thursday morning (10/8).

The authority has defended the decision to only resurface the centre of the street, saying the sides did not need doing as cars often park there.

But locals have slammed the "shoddy" work and accused the council of only doing "half a job" which has left their street looking "ridiculous".

Mum-of-two Jenny Campbell, 30, who has lived on the road for three years,, said:

Locals have slammed the "shoddy" work

Locals have slammed the "shoddy" work

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I got home from work and the street was half resurfaced.

"I thought it must have been a mistake and that they would come back and finish the rest of it.

"But to learn that they actually meant to do it this way is just baffling. Its completely shoddy work.

"This is a conservation area which means they have to preserve the look of the street - but now they've left it looking ridiculous."

Another resident, Jean Jacques Cuvelier, 59, said: "I'm appalled by what they've done.

"It's a conservation area here and yet this is the way they've done the resurfacing work.

"Everyone living along here is disgusted.

"All the cars were removed from the street, so there's no excuse for them leaving it with just a lane down the middle of it resurfaced and the rest left as it is.

"I'm sure it's just some scheme to save some money - it's probably only cost them half the price.

"Maybe we should only be paying half our council tax? "I've never seen a road resurfaced like this before."

Another local, who did not want to be named, said: "What are they going to next - start cutting half the grass and collecting half the bins?

"Somebody at the council needs their heads examining,"

A Leicester City Council spokesperson said: "We have a duty to maintain the highway, but it's also important we use our road repairs budget where it's most needed.

"The sides of this road are normally taken up by parked cars and are in better condition than the middle, which was in need of resurfacing as potholes were forming.

"The new surface will oxidise over the coming months and become pale grey over time.

"We will also include this road in a surface dressing programme in future years, which will treat and seal the whole surface."