Lancaster man’s mole hunt video gets 7m views

A video of a Lancaster golf club owner who says he has a special gift for rooting out moles under the ground has been viewed 7m times on the internet.

“Mole man” Ken Newsham, owner of Forrest Hills, posted the video to his Facebook page on August 30 and three days later it had gone viral thanks to hundreds of thousands of shares.

Ken Newsham claims he can feel for moles under the ground

Ken Newsham claims he can feel for moles under the ground

The video appears to show Mr Newsham “feel” for moles under the turf at the golf club in Hazelrigg Lane, a gift he says he learned from his grandfather.

Mr Newsham comments in the video: “I just run my hand over the top, I’ve always been able to do it ever since I was a kid.

“My grandad taught me how to do it...sometimes I’m really good at it and sometimes I’m absolutely bloody rubbish at it. I move about and see if I can feel them and see what’s going on. You’ve got to be careful when you dig them out of the turf because if you don’t hold them right they can bite you.”

Mr Newsham can be seen digging in the turf with his fingers before pulling out the live mole and showing it to the camera.

He then says he would remove the animal and release him “somewhere where he can’t do any damage”.

He adds: “One-nil”.

The video went viral after being shared by The Lad Bible Facebook page.

Mr Newsham said he did not wish to comment on the video, which some online have branded as fake.

Forrest Hills is a family run business that provides facilities for weddings, events, meetings and conferences, as well as being a golf course and fishery.

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