Biker collides with leaping deer

A motorcyclist was seriously hurt when he collided with a deer that had jumped over a hedgerow.

It happened at about 10am on Saturday when the motorcyclist was travelling alone along the A683 in Melling towards Kirby Lonsdale. The rider was taken to hospital suffering from a fractured shoulder and fractured ribs.

Police said that in 2008 there was a fatal collision in the same spot when a pheasant flew from a hedgerow directly into the path of a biker.

PC Kevin Illingworth said: “Although in some circumstances, incidents like this cannot be avoided, I would urge motorists, especially motorcyclists to be particularly mindful of the potential dangers when travelling along rural roads where there is likely to be wildlife.

“However, observation skills are absolutely vital no matter whether on rural or urban roads and we would urge all motorcyclists at all times to ensure they are always aware of their surroundings for their own and for others safety.”