Now is time to grab M6 Link opportunity

When stuck in the Lancaster and Morecambe traffic it is hard to imagine that life will ever be any different.

Thursday, 5th November 2015, 11:31 am

But within the space of a few months the M6 link will be operational, opening up what I believe will be a huge opportunity for both business and pleasure in the area. 

During the recent Welly Walks organised by Costain, a key theme from the participants was the surprise about just how short a distance it is from end to end. At just under 5km the scheme will transform journeys from the motorway removing the majority of heavy goods vehicles from the central areas of Lancaster.

At the port the ferry operators are looking at ways to encourage more traffic and the M6 link is the key part of the strategy moving forward.  More traffic will result in more local jobs and the potential for port centric logistic activities is now very real.

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However to focus purely on the port business would be short sighted as the sphere of opportunity is much wider and many existing businesses and new start-ups can also use the M6 Link as a springboard for action.

Strangely for an otherwise vibrant community with leading educational establishments on our doorstep, the number of new business start-ups in this area is actually very low. It seems we have misplaced and need to rapidly re find our entrepreneurial spirit!

You may have a great idea, you may think that you would never get the funding, you may just be unsure how to take the first step. If this sounds familiar then the next time you are stuck in a traffic jam between Asda and Salt Ayre let your eyes drift to the other side of the road, where the Chamber of Commerce office is located. The Chamber office is manned 9-5 and can you help you to start, grow and market your business.

With the new road on the way isn’t it about time that we all grabbed the opportunity that it presents?