No bonfire for Hala residents

Janie Kirkman.
Janie Kirkman.

RESIDENTS in Hala have been warned that there will again be no organised community bonfire this year – and that anyone who starts one will be doing so at their own risk.

The warning has come from the Hala Community Group, which previously insured the event and funded safety barriers, while Lancaster City Council has also stressed that it owns the Hala Square green and would need to give permission for any bonfire there.

Last year, the group decided against organising and insuring the event as it focused on developing a new children’s play area, and members have again reached the same decision due to work on the second phase of the facility near the beck.

But that did not prevent people from starting a bonfire on the night of Friday, November 5 2010, and Lancaster firefighters were called out the following afternoon to damp down rubbish which was still smouldering.

See the Lancaster Guardian (03-11-11) for full story.