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Appointment service reminder

The introduction of an appointment reminder service by hospitals across North Lancashire and South Cumbria has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of

missed appointments.

The service was introduced last year and more than 230,000 ‘phone calls have been made to remind patients of their appointment, or offer them an alternative if it is not convenient. And although the service was only implemented fully during the last financial year, last year there were more than 800 fewer patients who did not attend their

appointment. Sue Smith, Executive Chief Nurse, said: “The call and reminder is completely free of charge to the patient and improves the quality of the service provided to the patient. Each missed first outpatientappointments costs the Trust £119. The value of the service is evident from the feedback received.”

Regional keep fit trip

Members of Lune Valley Keep Fit Association will be travelling to Fleetwood’s Marine Hall this Saturday, May 31, for the North West KFA regional event. The day will include a variety of dance and exercise classes suitable for all ages, followed by performances by teams from areas across the North West. The Lune Valley team will be giving a lively performance, dancing to ‘Johnny B Goode’ using guitars. A coach is travelling from Carnforth and Lancaster to Fleetwood, anyone wishing to join the groupfor the day to participate, or spectate, please contact Ann on 01524 822738 for details.