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Vigil at Heysham Nuclear Power Station

A vigil is being held at Heysham Nuclear Power station on March 8 to mark the third anniversary of Fukishima and to express concerns about how climate change – and associated sea level rises and storm surges – will affect Heysham nuclear power stations.

Nervecentre system refurbishment

A technical system set to improve security and efficiency across a broad range of

hospital services is due to be rolled out in Lancashire.

The NerveCentre system will replace paper-based processes with electronic solutions enabling patient information to be communicated more effectively and information to be recorded in one central location. The system is also set to increase safety by allowing staff to trigger an alarm and be located to the nearest metre at any time. The Trust is planning to pilot the Nervecentre system later in the year at its inpatient mental health facility The Orchard in Lancaster which is currently undergoing refurbishment. The Harbour development, based in Blackpool, will provide a total of 154 beds and is due to open in Spring 2015.

Secondary schools choice

Ninety-six per cent of secondary school pupils in Lancashire will be attending one of their preferred schools or academies in September, despite a rise of more than 1,000 applicants since last year. Provisional figures for secondary place allocations show that 89% will get their first preference, 7% will go to schools which were their second or third preference, while 4% will initially be allocated places at other schools. The numbers of those receiving preferred places is likely to rise as appeals are heard during early summer and other adjustments are made. All those whose initial offer is not for their preferred school or academy will automatically receive a form with information about waiting lists and appeals, which are heard locally.