New hen hotel is ruffling a few feathers

Sam Jones, 18, has set up his own Hen Holiday for chicken owners.
Sam Jones, 18, has set up his own Hen Holiday for chicken owners.

A teenager from Carnforth has set up his own holiday hotel for chickens.

Hen owners can now spend £1 a night at ‘Chickens on Holiday’ before they go away.

Sam Jones, 18, operations supervisor at Greenlands Farm, Carnforth, has already received a large amount of bookings for his business.

The holiday pens opened last Monday, August 11 at Greenlands Farm Village and pet owners have been flocking to the farm since.

Sam said: “It started off with me putting up a few signposts,then it took off and it has expanded from there.

“I have 15 chickens already in total.

“From now until September I am almost fully booked. I’m starting to get bookings up until Christmas.”

The hotel has eight coops for small hens, two for medium hens and, because of the high intake in business, an additional shed which will home 30 birds is being built. The chickens have access to fresh grass, food and water and all the pens are fox-proof to protect the birds at night.

Sam said: “We have different coops to suit the different sizes and to suit their needs. It is intended for back garden family chickens.”

After researching the area Sam discovered that a lot of people owned poultry and he saw an opportunity on the market. He said: “I just wanted to do something different. I have grown up with chickens all my life.

“I noticed it was going well down south so I decided to look at it up here. I was speaking to someone about it and they thought it would be a good idea because there are not many in the UK.

“My family love it, they think it is a great idea.”

The teenager is enjoying every minute of his chicken business and has already thought about different ways of expanding and improving the hotel.

He said: “Last week was a real hectic week, lots of people got on board. I am really enjoying it.

“In the future I want to include a delivery service and expand so I can look after ducks and geese.”