New grants could lead to jobs boost

David Morris MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale.
David Morris MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale.

Businesses in Overton and Westgate are being encouraged to apply for a new government grant.

These two areas, plus Dukes, Castle and Bulk Wards in Lancaster, have been granted “assisted area status”, because they have been deemed economically weak.

Businesses in these wards are now being targeted to bid for additional funding and taxbreaks inorder to create jobs and invest in new premises or machinery.

The assisted area takes in key industrial areas including the Port of Heysham and White Lund Industrial Estate. Under the scheme, businesses will be eligible to apply for regional aid, which is typically offered as capital investment for businesses in developing economies.

Programmes in England that already offer regional aid include the Regional Growth Fund and the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative.

MPDavid Morris said: “I am certain this will really boost the local economy.”

Three hundred and eight wards across the north west have been granted assisted area status.