New floor will hark back to hotel heyday

Flooring at The Midland Hotel is being replaced.
Flooring at The Midland Hotel is being replaced.

First impressions are always important so The Midland hotel is ensuring guests are wowed as soon as they enter the front door.

Terrazzo (mosaic tiles) which were coming loose in the impressive foyer are being replaced with mother-of-pearl and glass, which when polished will be nearer the original flooring.

Manager of The Midland Hotel, Matt Stanaway, said: “People get a first impression when they walk in.

“Over the years, the mosaic tiles, which were handcut individually and put in, have been popping out.

“Two years ago, we replaced them and the same thing happened.

“Chief engineers and chemists studied the floor but couldn’t work out why the tiles were coming out.

“We’ve been working with Listed Buildings and English Heritage and have taken the mosaic tiles out and are filling them in with contrasting materials.

“We were closed for three days last week and will be closed from Monday, January 28, until Wednesday, January 30, due to the dust and the noise.

“I don’t want people to come in and not have a good experience. It will look superb when it is done and not an eyesore.”