New cycling safety mirrors are a first for the county

King Street, Lancaster
King Street, Lancaster

New mirrors aimed at improving safety for cyclists have been installed at three major junctions in Lancaster.

Known as Trixi mirrors after the daughter of their inventor, the circular mirrors are the first to be installed in Lancashire and are designed to make cyclists more visible to left-turning vehicles.

County Coun John Fillis, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “These mirrors will give drivers of larger vehicles such as HGVs a better view down their left-hand side and significantly reduce their blind spot.

“Accidents caused by HGVs moving to their left while a cyclist is alongside are a significant risk to cyclists. We know which junctions are most used by HGVs and cyclists, and the mirrors should help to prevent this kind of accident.”

The three junctions with mirrors are on the A6 heading into the city from the south, on Penny St and Thurnham St, and on King St at both Middle St and Meeting House Lane.

The mirrors, which cost in the region of £150 each, have been successfully installed in other cities around the country and in mainland Europe, and it is hoped that they will reduce accidents involving cyclists.

Lancaster has seen cycling rates increase after a number of successful initiatives such as the Cycling Demonstration Town bid in 2005. Some areas of the city have seen cycling rates increase by 64 per cent in the past decade.

The county council said safety features such as Trixi mirrors should help to encourage even more cycling in the city.