New and original jazz rises from the ashes

Lancaster Jazz Festival
Lancaster Jazz Festival

As the summer outdoor festival season draws to a close, Lancaster is preparing to welcome the reformed Lancaster Jazz Festival, with a headline gig in the Dukes Round on September 24.

And with the cogs turning behind the scenes for the third Lancaster Music Festival in October, autumn is shaping up nicely for music lovers in the city.

Growing out of the ashes of the original Lancaster Jazz Festival, organisers are looking to showcase the best experimental and contemporary jazz from the north of England as well as local and original community talent.

Also in its third year – previous events were held at the Dukes and the Gregson Centre – the festival has its own website ( and a group of dedicated volunteers to take it forward into more venues with more artists and more jazz.

Lancaster musician Matt Robinson, the festival’s director, said: “The last couple of years have been low key, but this is the first year we aim to establish the festival on the national scene.

“For example, the Maoz-Sirkis gig is the duet’s only performance outside New York and London.

“The programme is full of new and original music that doesn’t really come across this way too often.

“We’ve got some of the best players on the national scene coming through, something that will hopefully challenge people’s perceptions.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (25-08-11) for full story.