Wedding ruling for Lancaster woman who married a man on ZOOM that she'd never met

A Lancaster woman who married a man on ZOOM she hadn’t met has officially had their marriage annulled – and says it is "a weight lifted".
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Ayse Reeves, 27, still hasn't met Darrin Martin, then 24, who she met on a Facebook group in lockdown.

They became a couple during lockdown and in July 2020 Ayse tried to visit him in Michigan, US, but said she was turned away by US immigration.

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That didn't stop Darrin proposing in May 2021 via FaceTime, and they married in August 2021 via a ZOOM call in a legal ceremony officiated in Utah, US.

Ayse Reeves of Lancaster.Ayse Reeves of Lancaster.
Ayse Reeves of Lancaster.

But Ayse claims their relationship quickly fell apart and in December 2021, she filed for an annulment.

The decree absolute finally came through in April this year.

Ayse, a full-time student from Lancaster, said: "When the letter came through to tell me I was no longer married, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

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"It felt like I couldn't move on because I was still tied to him.

Darrin Martin on his wedding day.Darrin Martin on his wedding day.
Darrin Martin on his wedding day.

"Looking back, it feels like it wasn't real because I didn't meet him.

"I was in a little bubble, I got so swept up in getting married that I didn't think about how it was a crazy thing to do.

"I've definitely learnt not to rush into things – I would not get into something serious without meeting them now."

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When the UK went into lockdown, Ayse joined a Facebook group to find an overseas pen pal, and found Darrin.

They began speaking daily on the phone despite the five-hour time difference – and Ayse completely altered her sleep pattern so she could sleep at the same time as him.

Ayse was turned away at US immigration on what would be their first meeting.

She claims the couple's engagement was supported by both of their families – and Darrin had asked permission from her dad in advance.

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The couple initially planned to tie the knot when they finally got the chance to meet for the first time.

But, after reading about a new law passed that made international virtual wedding ceremonies legal in the state of Utah, US, they decided to go ahead straight away.

Ayse and Darrin tied the knot on August 19, 2021, in an online ceremony, while their parents watched. But cracks soon started to show.

Ayse ended the relationship in December and filed for an annulment citing "non-consummation" as the reason for the marriage ending.

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However, due to Darrin being in the States and Ayse in the UK, it took over 15 months for the annulment to be finalised.

In November 2022, Ayse blocked Darrin on everything and claims she has heard nothing from him since.

Finally, after a painful wait, Ayse received the decree absolute in the post on April 19.

She said: "My sister rang me when the letter arrived and when she read it out, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

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"It felt like it was never going to come – it was almost like there was still a tie to him.

"My feelings for him were 100 per cent real though – I wouldn't have gone through it if they weren't.

"Looking back, I wish we had kept it as a friendship like at the start. Sometimes I wonder if we still would have been friends if we kept it as that.

"One positive thing is it has made me stronger, dealing with it all.

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"I was in a rubbish place when it all happened, and being able to get through that has made me a lot stronger."

When approached for comment, Darrin agreed that it was good to finally have the marriage annulled.

Darrin claimed he tried to maintain a friendship with her and says "we'd still be friends now" if she hadn't blocked him.

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