Tables turned for Lancaster blood donor dog who has life saved with transfusion

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A dog from Lancaster that donates blood had the tables turned and ended up needing a lifesaving transfusion herself.

Minnie, a beautiful five-year old Newfoundland from Lancaster, has donated blood four times, which will have helped to save the lives of up to 16 other dogs.

However, when Minnie was struck down by a life-threatening infection, she herself had to rely on the very service she was used to supporting: Pet Blood Bank UK, the

nation’s blood bank charity for dogs.

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Minnie the dog who donates blood had her life saved by a transfusion after she became very ill.Minnie the dog who donates blood had her life saved by a transfusion after she became very ill.
Minnie the dog who donates blood had her life saved by a transfusion after she became very ill.

It was being a donor that first alerted Minnie’s owner Victoria to the infection festering inside her.

She had no symptoms but her annual blood screen, something Pet Blood Bank performs on all donor dogs, showed an increased level of white blood cells, indicating

inflammation and possible infection.

Minnie was treated immediately by Bay Vets in Lancaster for what was originally thought to be inflamed skin on her ears.

However, Minnie’s condition continued to deteriorate, and an ultrasound revealed pyometra, a serious and potentially life-threatening infection which can cause kidney failure.

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Minnie underwent emergency surgery to remove her infected womb and initially recovered well from the operation.

A few days later, though, Minnie was back in the vets where it was discovered that she was becoming anaemic due to a bleeding stomach ulcer.

To treat this, Minnie needed two and a half units of blood, provided by the very service she had donated to herself.

After her own blood had helped to save the lives of so many other dogs, she was now the one in need.

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Finally, Minnie was sent home to recover, her ordeal behind her.

She slowly regained her strength and is getting back to her happy and bouncy self.

Her owner, Victoria, said: “Pet Blood Bank found early warning signs at Minnie’s last donation and contacted me immediately, which meant she was treated early.

"It is entirely due to this quick response and the outstanding care received at Bay Vets during her illness and recovery that she is still with me, covering my house in hair, drool, and love.

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"She acts as emotional support, helping me handle panic attacks and at times physically due to disability.

Pet Blood Bank UK operates across the UK, running donation sessions and dispatching blood to vets, to ensure pets have access to this vital service.

If your dog, or a dog you know, is between one and eight years old, over 25kg, fit, healthy, and is confident and enjoys meeting new people, they could become a lifesaver and

help to save dogs like Minnie did and needed herself.

As Minnie has received a transfusion, she can no longer donate blood so more fit and healthy dogs are needed to come forward to keep up her wonderful work and ensure blood

is always available for any dogs who need it.

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Every unit of blood helps save up to four other lives, saving thousands of lives every year.

Donor dog criteria

*Fit and healthy

*Between one and eight years old

*Weigh more than 25kg

*Confident and enjoys meeting new people.

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