Pictures look back at Megazone in Morecambe as laser vision for eyesore alley is revealed

With a laser tag centre planned for closed down shops in Morecambe we look back at what happened to Megazone on Marine Road West which was destroyed by fire in 2014.

The Megazone, an indoor game where players attempt to score points by shooting targets with a 'gun' which fires infrared beams, opened in 1993.

Prior to that, the building was home to the Tussauds waxwork museum.

The laser game centre on Marine Road West in Morecambe caught fire at around 6.20pm on June 12 2014.

People were evacuated from nearby flats and businesses as the blaze swept through the building, sending clouds of smoke billowing for miles around on a hot summer’s evening.

Owner Richard Holmes and his family were on holiday at the time and he said he was “devastated” when he heard the news.

There were no injuries but the damage to the building was so severe the 21 year-old business had to close and the Megazone had to be partly demolished.

It remains a burned-out shell on the promenade.

A three month investigation into the cause of the fire proved inconclusive.

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