Fascinating pictures of Lancaster show a city undergoing change in the Swinging Sixties

It was the decade known as the Swinging Sixties and while Lancaster might not have swung as much as Liverpool or London, it was a time of considerable change for the city.

The influx of students to both the new Lancaster University and St Martin’s College in 1964 certainly boosted Lancaster’s younger population and became an important source of

employment at a time when the city’s more traditional industries and factories began to decline.

Tower blocks were seen on the Lancaster horizon for the first time in the Sixties, not only on the university and college campuses but also in Skerton.

And although plans for an inner relief road to the east of the city centre never materialised, Lancaster was one of the first cities to see a stretch of motorway in 1960.

We are grateful to Andrew Reilly and Lancaster Past & Present for these photographs of Lancaster city centre in the Sixties.

If any of these pictures stir memories for you, please get in touch.