34 striking pictures capture all the fun at this year’s popular Steampunk festival in Morecambe

Thousands of steampunks descended on Morecambe for A Splendid Day Out Festival.

The three day festival from June 7 to 9 was centred around the world of steampunk, a fantasy genre based on Victorian times with a modern sci-fi twist.

This year's theme was 'ASDO's Great Steamfae Gathering', the joining of worlds between steampunks and mythical creatures.

Festivalgoers dressed up in Steampunk costumes which are based on Victorian dresses and suits but with goggles, hats with cogs and pieces of machinery, and entered the world of

Victorian fantasy, shopped in the artisan market, and stopped for a beer or tea and cakes whilst being entertained.

You could try your skill at tea duelling and win a medal or pop outside and see the drummers and dancers.

There were displays including steampunk model railways, clothes and strange transportation vehicles.

In the evenings you could drink and dance the night away upstairs at The Kings Arms Morecambe, as the magical music from live acts filled your mind, leaving you all fuzzy and warm.

There was also a parade along the promenade from the Midland, as steampunks marched in their dazzling and unusual costumes to the Eric Morecambe statue.