Myths and legends exhibition in Lancaster

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MYTHS and fairytales and their relevance to our more enlightened times are the subject of a new exhibition in Lancaster.

Ludus 2D Gallery, in the foyer of Ludus Dance on King Street, is showing the Narrative Pieces display by Luneside Studios artist, Norman Trewhitt, from July 20-29.

Norman’s interest was first aroused five years ago during his time as artist-in-residence at the Cyprus College of Art based in Larnaca, where he gained insights into the meanings behind the Greek myths.

His work then referred directly to classical Hellenic culture but with the passage of time he has explored our own Northern European myths and morality tales which told similar stories to the Greek myths, the origins of which can hark back to Palaeolithic times.

See the Lancaster Guardian (07-07-11) for full story.