My guardian angel: Pheasant crash driver meets saviour nurse

Emma Wood and James McKenna meet up again after the accident
Emma Wood and James McKenna meet up again after the accident

A man who survived a terrifying crash after his car hit a pheasant and flipped over onto its roof has described the moment his ‘guardian angel’ came to his rescue.

James McKenna, 48, was driving along the country roads between Halton and Aughton at twilight when a pheasant flew into his windscreen.

The crash in Halton

The crash in Halton

The collision caused James to swerve and his Vauxhall Astra caught the grass verge, putting the car in a spin.

It then smashed into a wall and flipped over, coming to rest on its roof. 
Now after a search on social media, James has been reunited with the nurse who was first on the scene of the accident.

James, who is recovering at home in Clougha Avenue, miraculously just with minor

cuts and bruises. He said: “I got myself out of the car. I don’t know how, but I did.

“It’s all very vague.

“I remember running round in circles trying to pick my stuff up and I was in complete shock.”

Emma Wood, 38, a district nurse from Aughton, was driving home from work in Morecambe and arrived at the scene a few minutes later.

She said: “I’ve never known anything like it. It was terrifying.

“The car was on its roof and I thought there’s no way anyone could have survived it.

“I found James and he was in a bad state of shock.

“I carry a massive bag of bandages around with me in my boot, and I got everything I had out of there and stopped the bleeding from his head and tried to keep him conscious.

“I honestly thought the car was going to blow up.

“I waited about 20 minutes for the ambulance to turn up but it felt so much longer.”

Ambulance crews arrived on the scene after another motorist dialled 999.

The crash happened on Tuesday, February 17 at around 5.30pm.

“If Emma hadn’t have turned up I just don’t 
know what would have happened,” said James, a father of one.

“I ended up with bruising on my legs, and cuts to my head and I was very shaken up.

“I was assessed by ambulance crews and felt okay at the time, but they advised me to go and make sure and 
get checked out at the hospital.

“The next day I posted on Facebook because I wanted to find Emma and thank her, and some mutual friends came forward and said they knew who she was.

“I found her the following night and got in touch, then I went over to see her and took a card, flowers and chocolates.

“If she hadn’t have turned up I would have gone into severe shock. She was like my guardian angel, I was a total mess.

“The car could have blown up but she stayed.”

James said he would like to thank the other man who arrived on the scene and called the ambulance.