Musical picks for Lancaster Music Festival 2016

If you're looking for some inspiration for the music festival this weekend, look no further.

Friday, 14th October 2016, 10:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:03 pm
Lumberjacks live

There are of course hundreds of other equally excellent experiences to be had across the city.

1. Citizens Band, Friday, 7pm, Lancaster Castle.

The band have regrouped for this one off show at the castle.

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The Lovely Eggs

A blast from the past for many a Lancastrian, read the full story HERE

2. The Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co, Friday, 7.30pm, The Wagon & Horses, St George’s Quay.

This band need little introduction for those who know the Lancaster music scene.

Frontman Jimbob is back from Poland for this exclusive last minute gig at the Wagon & Horses.


Think The Waltons on drugs. Read more

3. The Lovely Eggs, Friday, from 8pm, secret location.

The dastardly duo have only gone and put on a secret shindig in an undisclosed location in the city centre.

Derek Thunder Jackson

Those with tickets for the sold out show will be entering a world of punk, psychedelia and cider.

Read More

Read More

4.Rory McLeod and the Familiar Strangers, Saturday, 12pm, Sun Square, 3.30pm, Market Square, and The Toll House Inn, 9.30pm.

Rory is a British folk singer-songwriter. His career has included being a fire eater and circus clown and his performances include storytelling in the tradition of the traveling minstrel or troubadour, and playing a wide range of instruments including guitar, harmonica, trombone and his personally-made stomp box.

Bill Lloyd

5. Divide & Conker, Saturday, 5pm, Lancaster Castle.

This eight piece Lancaster collective is packed to the rafters with funky rhythms, explosive beats, and party vibes.

Check them out on the castle stage, as well as

6. Heidrum, Saturday, 9.30pm, The Ring O’ Bells, King Street.

Heidrum are a group of acoustic musicians from Montrose and surrounding areas on the North East coast of Scotland.

From celtic, folk, trad & bluegrass numbers to jigs, reels & ballads, as well as some well known covers, they play anything that lends itself to acoustic music. Between them they play guitars, bass, fiddle, bodhran, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, accordion and just about anything else that they can get their hands on.

The Lovely Eggs

7. Boom Bike Bourree, 10.15pm, The Storey, Meeting House Lane.

Medieaval hip-hop. What more needs to be said?

8. New Jave Trio, Sunday 12am, Robert Gillow, Market Street.

The Robert Gillow will be the place to be after hours, in fact, the place doesn’t close at all.

Lancaster’s New Jave Trio led by Andy Smith and former Madness and Selector keyboardist James Mackie will keep the deep groove going into the wee small hours.

9. Bill Lloyd, Sunday 12pm, Sun Square.

Blow the festival cobwebs away with some fantastic folk and storytelling from troubadour Bill Lloyd on the Melodrome Stage.

10. The Fire Beneath The Sea, Sunday, 3pm, Market Square.

The Fire Beneath The Sea may seriously improve your spiritual health.

Research has shown that attending a live concert performance by this assemblage of young people may lead to feelings of joy, happiness, euphoria and, even, ecstasy. Common side-effects can include (but are not limited to): singing, dancing, having fun, enjoying yourself, and experiencing a general sense of well-being.

11. Sensory Hoverload, Sunday, 6pm, Lancaster Castle.

New Jersey based funk rock trio have become a staple on the Lancaster Music Festival scene.

Loads of energy to kickstart your Sunday evening. Read more

12. Lake Komo, Sunday, 8pm, Lancaster Castle.

This former Lancaster band have been making waves on the national music scene of late with their blissed out sounds.

Their interests include cats, herbal tea, protein, burritos, smoothies, beards, smoke, cats, synthesizers, space, bill murray, wub wubs, sharkin’, onto, lamps, not dogs, ladsladslads, gingers (both the biscuits and the people), none tropical events (such as weekly council meetings), using sturdy loaves of bread for shoes, hats, cats in hats, rugs, vibes.

13. Late Sunday night, various venues, Lancaster.

If you’ve done what the festival suggests and “taken Monday off” hats off. There’s still more fun to be had if you’ve the mind and stamina for it.

Check out Captain Hotknives (musical drollery) and Dohnut (Ravepunk) in The Storey, from 9pm, Peloton (ska/punk) in the Golden Lion, from 9pm, Tin Pan Alley, Penny Bank (9pm), PJT And the Crow Mandala (alt country) in the Bobbin, from 9.40pm, Dead Man’s Hand in the Stonewell Tavern, from 9pm, Black Cat (funk blues) in the John O’ Gaunt from 10.30pm, Carpe (hip-hop, funk rock) in The Bobbin, from 10.30pm, Josh Parkinson (house/techno) from 11pm in Go Burrito, and Brass Gumbo (brass funk) and OpSa! Balkan Band (balkan brass), from 1.15am in The Apothecary.

14. Monday, various venues, Lancaster.

Wow, you’ve made it!

There are still 13 events listed on the music festival’s WEBSITE

Go and join some of the musicians who have busted a gut to perform multiple shows across the weekend and have enough left to take it through to Monday.

Derek Thunder Jackson
Bill Lloyd