Motorists still potty over road repairs in Lancaster and Morecambe

Pot holes on Carr House Lane, Lancaster
Pot holes on Carr House Lane, Lancaster

Motorists are still furious despite miles of roads being set for repair across Lancaster as part of a £23million county programme.

Roads, streetlights and bridges will be part of improvements agreed by Lancashire County Council across the area in the next year.

From April, the county’s highways teams will begin laying fresh tarmac as part of a £16million investment in roads and pavements.

More than 10 roads in Lancaster are listed for resurfacing, including Ashton Road which will cost £141,900 to repair.

Many drivers are still angry over the amount of potholes which are plaguing the roads in Lancaster and Morecambe.

Mark Stirling said on Facebook: “Empty threats, celebrate when they have actually achieved it!”

Sandra Bullock said on Faceook: “About time too! Some roads are a disgrace in the area.”

Balmoral Road in Morecambe and Hala Road in Lancaster contain a number of potholes but are not listed for repair.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We don’t have any planned maintenance for those roads but we have teams working year round to inspect all our roads for safety and any potholes will be repaired as necessary.

“Most damage to roads is caused by the wet and cold winter weather and we also have teams working year round to inspect and make running repairs as potholes appear to ensure people can travel safely.”

A further £3m has been set aside to inspect and strengthen bridges, with £1m allocated for drainage schemes to help prevent flooding and £1m to replace aging streetlights. All roads and pavements set for repair can be found at