Motorists can’t see the road for the trees

The overgrown trees on the roundabout A6 north of Carnforth.
The overgrown trees on the roundabout A6 north of Carnforth.

Drivers have had their view blocked by low-hanging tree branches on a main road near the M6.

The overgrown trees obscure the sight-line for drivers travelling south on the A6 close to the M6 junction 35a roundabout just north of Carnforth.

Motorist William Houston, who works in Carnforth, said he had contacted Lancashire County Council’s highways department in previous years to ask them to trim back the trees.

“Coming from Milnthorpe towards Carnforth you can’t see any traffic coming towards you on the roundabout,” Mr Houston said.

“It happens every year. The council come out to mow the grass and cut back the trees and they don’t chop the bottom branches of the trees.

“I have had to ask for it to be done properly for the last three years.

“It’s extremely dangerous and it could cause an accident.”

Andy Ashcroft, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Lancaster district, said: “We maintain the hedges and grass verges to make sure that drivers have a good level of visibility, particularly those close to roundabouts and junctions.

“We’re not aware of any particular issues on the A6 close to junction 35a.

“However, we will inspect this section of road to check if any shrubs need cutting back.”