Morecambe Variety Festival: all you need to know

Expect the weird and wonderful this weekend as Morecambe's Variety Festival returns.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 2:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 12:18 pm
Morecambe Variety Festival

Audiences can see more than 20 imaginary worlds ranging from circus acts, puppetry, burlesque, film installations and a mermaid. Organiser Neil Kendall is known for his extravagant styles and this will be his third variety festival in the town.

The festival, taking place on Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, will be held at the Morecambe Winter Gardens.

Here is full listings of events taking place.

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Preview of the Ugly Bug Ball.

Most of the events listed are free but some may need to be booked in advance. For the Ugly Bug Ball on Saturday, this is an 18+ event and must be booked, tickets cost £15. The dress code for the ball is bugs, butterflies and creepy crawlies, or black-tie.

For tickets visit or visit 13 The Warehouse on Queen Street or email [email protected] to reserve daytime shows. A box office will be at the festival.


11am Event opens

Preview of the Ugly Bug Ball.

Dr Diabalo Sideshow 20 minutes.

Block head serpentine bed of nails

11.20am Event opens inside, all exhibits open to take bookings.


The Ice Book in upstairs bar area.



Lost Morecambe (book in advance)


11.30am on the main stage

Temple of Wonders

Host Lili La Scala

Ian Marchant juggler

Daniel Crute strong man

Boy with tape on his face

12.15pm Grand Theatre of Lemmings

SUNDAY ONLY- Macbeth, the Theatre Book. (book by appointment only, email above for a time slot, showings start from 12.15. noon).

12.40pm Mr B Gentleman Rhymer

1.30pm Temple of Wonders

Lili La Scala

Ian Marchant

Daniel Crute

Boy with tape on his face

2.20pm Grand Theatre of Lemmings


2.40pm announcements

3pm Temple of Wonders

Host Lili La Scala

Ian Marchant

Daniel Crute

Boy with tape on his face

3.30pm Mr B Gentleman Rhymer 40 minute set

4.10pm Grand Theatre of Lemmings

4.30pm all attractions close to reset for the evening show


The Time Traveller – Journey back into time as three characters for the Winter Gardens glorious past lead you through the old theatre.

The Séance – Mystic Meg was never like this, comedy reading from the all-seeing oracle.

Dr Cassain Emporium of Echoes – an intimate beautiful show of puppetry.

7.30pm Ugly Bug and Butterfly Ball – International Cabaret Ball

7.15pm to 8.10pm Insect Circus outside also Dr Diabalo pre-show opening only.

Act one for the Ugly Ball

7.45pm Lili La Scala – Intro to event and song The Ugly Bug Ball.

7.55pm Ian Marchant – Feats of juggling which seem impossible, to be seen to be believed.

8.10pm Cleo Vipers – Cleopatra and the snake.

8.15pm Daniel Crute – Sir Leopold Aleksander thrill seeking strong man.

8.30pm Vicky Buttefly – Swan Bride.


Act Two

9.15pm Lili La Scala – Vocals.

9.20pm Cleo Vipers – The Crow.

9.30pm Abigail Collins – Kantinka Russian Ballerina.

9.45pm Raven Noir – The Mayan Queen.

Best Dressed Bugs announcement.


Act three

10.15pm Abigail Collins Hula Hoops.

10.30pm Cleo Cara – Butterfly Girl.

10.40pm Vicky Butterfly Illuminated Garden of Flowers.

10.45pm Mr B – Gentleman Rhymer.