Morecambe man jailed for racist abuse at job centre

Anthony Smith.
Anthony Smith.

A man who subjected a Job Centre worker to vile racist abuse when he was told he would not receive his money has been jailed.

Anthony Smith, 49, of Westminster Road, Morecambe, was also jailed for a savage attack on his wife a day after being released from a prison sentence, putting him in breach of court orders.

Prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, Lisa Worsley said: “Security guard Amir Sahi was working at the Job Centre on Queen Street in Morecambe on May 16 at about 3.15pm.

“The manager explained to the defendant his money was not ready at the time.

“He asked the security guards to remove him.”

Smith racially abused the guard, referring to him with an offensive racist phrase.

Miss Worsley said: “He could not tolerate that behaviour and escorted him out of the Job Centre.

“The abuse continued and he went to try and push Mr Sahi.

“He smelt of alcohol.”

The court heard the attack happened just a week after Smith had been released from a jail sentence.

Only a day after his release, a few days before the racist incident, he went on to assault his wife of nine years, believing she had had a relationship with someone else.

Miss Worsley said: “He punched her in the face and chest, causing bruises.

“He ended up kicking her in the face, causing bleeding.”

The court heard as the victim had previously suffered a stroke, the pain was not as severe.

Sentencing Smith to 20 months, Judge Pamela Badley said he deliberately spoke to the guard “in a hurtful way” and added the assault could have ended “far worse”.