Morecambe historian to take on postbox picture quest

David Chandler standing near a rare postbox. Picture by Jack Gordon.
David Chandler standing near a rare postbox. Picture by Jack Gordon.

An historian will share his postbox passion in a talk at Lancaster University before beginning a quest to photograph every single one in the country.

The talk comes after David Chandler shared his postbox love in an article featured in our sister paper The Visitor in 2015.

David began his odyssey after researching the history behinf postboxes for the Looking Back section in the paper.

“I had previously taken the occasional photo of a postbox if it caught my eye, but reading up on them really peaked my interest and I became hooked”, said David.

“I have now visited every box in LA1, LA2, LA3 and LA4 and thousands of others besides, all over the country.”

There are around 114,500 postboxes in the UK and Ireland and David is attempting to obtain a photograph of them all.

David also has an army of contributors, who send him pictures of boxes to add to the collection.

He said: “The people who send boxes cover all ages and there are an equal number of men and women.

“It seems to be something that interests just about anyone.”

On May 23 David will tell his story at Lancaster University, as part of their OPEN season.

The illustrated talk will include original photographs and video and David promises that his audience will never look at a postbox in the same way again.

“There are around 800 different types of postbox in the UK and Ireland, including some real rarities. We have a rare Edward VIII pillar box here in Lancaster, one of only 150 in the whole country.

“I will talk about the history of postboxes but also tell the story of how this project got started and where it has taken me. I will also reveal my personal top 5 postboxes.”

Postbox Collection is at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster Arts, Lancaster University at 1pm on Tuesday 23 May. Admission is free and there is no need to book in advance.

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