Moishe’s Bagel on the menu for Valentine’s Day

Moishe's Bagel
Moishe's Bagel

On February 14, or, for those more emotionally-minded, Valentine’s Day, critically acclaimed Scottish band Moishe’s Bagel play the Gregson Centre.

If you’re picturing bagpipes, jigs and fiddles in the traditional Celtic style of things, you’ll be surprised, but no less excited, to hear the band actually present “an intoxicating, life-affirming mix of Eastern European dance music, Middle Eastern rhythms and virtuoso performances”, according to the Gregson Centre website.

Formed in 2003, the band have toured the world, and feature Greg Lawson on violin, Phil Alexander on piano, Pete Garnett on accordion and Guy Nicolson on percussion – all touting extremely diverse and professional musical CVs.

Support on the night comes from Lancaster and Ulverston-based band The Balkanics.

Playing music from the Balkans, and the Jewish tradition of Klezmer, they create an incredible driving mix of dance music, drawing on their own influences of classical, folk, rock, dance and minimalism.

The band features Jane Lawrence and Paul Ferguson on fiddle, Sian de Lier on accordion, Joe Murphy on whistle, Hugh Tuffen on cello, Roger Purves on guitar and bouzouki and Dan Fox on trombone, percussion and iphone.

See the Lancaster Guardian (02-02-12) for full story.