Mock the Week star to check into Lancaster

Milton Jones
Milton Jones

One-liner king Milton Jones will swing into Lancaster as part of the city’s comedy festival.

Dave Gorman, Roy Chubby Brown, Ed Byrne, Josh Widdicombe and Milton will be pushing for laughs at the Grand Theatre’s comedy 

Milton, a Mock the Week regular, will take the audience on a madcap journey as he follows in the footsteps of his great-uncle.

The Temple of Daft is unlike previous shows, but there are still lots of ridiculous gags as well as the trademark multi-
coloured shirts and big hair.

Milton, the man who can cram in up to 250 gags a night, will transform into Indiana Jones with his trademark stetson hat and whip.

“This tour loosely, and I say loosely, follows a kind of adventure-archaeology type story,” said Milton.

“It started off with me 
noticing that I had the same surname as Indiana Jones.

“I follow my great-uncle, Sir Randolph Digby Jones. He’s an explorer – I quite like warming the audience up with an obscure character.”

Milton explains he can spend hours writing and discarding jokes, but what often works is improvisation.

He said: “After all this time, I’m thinking ‘I’ve written the best joke ever’, and I go and do it and it just doesn’t work. However, the thing I improvise off the back of it does work.”

Milton is at Lancaster Grand Theatre on Tuesday November 10 at 8pm.

Tickets available at or on 01524 64695.