Missing footpath sign causes concern to pedestrians

Alan Carr on the footpath.
Alan Carr on the footpath.

Lancashire County Council has agreed to reinstall a missing sign warning cyclists about a narrow path.

Walkers using the footpath which cuts behind Aldi between Morecambe Road and the main cycle path near Derwent Court had raised concerns about the dangers for pedestrians after the sign asking cyclists to dismount was removed.

Local resident Alan Carr said he had been verbally abused by cyclists speeding along the narrow pathway.

Mr Carr, of Scale Hall Lane, said: “Cyclists come along the path at great speeds without stopping or looking.

“The path is used by a lot of elderly people, children and mothers with pushchairs and it’s really dangerous.

“You can’t see if anything’s coming around the corners and it can be quite intimidating for people being faced by a cyclist. I have been abused by them in the past. They just think they have got the right to come along the path without any concern for pedestrians.

“There used to be a sign for cyclists to dismount but it has been removed and now it’s not safe for pedestrians and cyclists to use at the same time.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll arrange for the sign to be replaced.”