Messages from '˜the other side' help bring comfort

'It's taking mediumship into the 21st century' this is how audio medium Stephen King describes his work.

Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 12:00 pm

Stephen, a former Coldstream Guard and construction business owner,.discovered his ‘audio medium’ talent by accident and still struggles to understand what he is experiencing.

Stephen records electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sounds that are interpreted as spirit voices unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.

He helps people who have lost loved ones by relaying messages from their departed relatives which, he says, bring a lot of comfort and belief that there is life after death.

Stephen, 56, from Morecambe, but originally from St Helen’s, said: “I was living with a friend who had cancer and I took him under my wing. We started watching stuff like American shows ghosthunting etc.

“This is when I discovered Electronic Voice Phenomenon. I said ‘I’ve got to try this. I sat down with a cup of tea and started recording. It was total silence but when I played the recording back this voice came booming back.

“I was getting voices back but I didn’t know who they were or anything. I wondered if I could started calling for people. All I dois ask questions and see what I get back. There is no trickery.”

Stephen has had messages from his mother, but also historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and General Monck, who founded the Coldstream Guards.

He said: “I’m a fan of historyso when I go to castles or historical buildings I stick a recorder in my pocket. I was at Lancaster Castle once and I called for a Pendle Witch, when I listened to the recording later Alice Nutter came through but when I was there it was just silence. I have also had a message from American crime boss John Gotti. “

Stephen not only helps people who live locally but those further afield, even Texas.

He said: “I started getting phone calls from people for help contacting loved ones who have passed on.

“I have never charged a penny. What it is about is proving that there is something and not everything is black and white. There are a lot of charlatans out there who prey on people

“I started concentrating on pure recording from silence, asking questions and using different methods of amplifying things. The amplifier takes what is in the air and turns it into tones that can be recognised as a speech pattern. It can even sound as if they are singing. It gets clearer if you listen to it a few times.

“I don’t claim to be psychic or have any special ability, but I was getting an amazing response. I pass on messages of love each way and that gives enough comfort to the person.

“The human is like a living battery and when it comes to an end something has to happen with the energy.

“It’s taking mediumship into the 21st century.

“All I want is to get an understanding of what I am experiencing. I don’t hear voices and for people to understand if there is true mediumship out there isn’t it possible it could have moved into a 21st century era - to get voices from fresh air is pretty unexplainable.”

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My reading with Stephen

Stephen and I sat in silence with the computer on the desk. Stephen then recorded himself asking a few ordinary questions such as if anyone wished to speak or if there were any messages to pass on. The room was completely silent other than Stephen speaking. However, when he played the recording back and amplified the silence in between, I heard what sounded like a muffled voice speaking, although I could not tell what they said. Suddenly, a booming voice seemed to cut in over the top of the previous one. When he analysed the voices, the quieter one said ‘I am here’ - the louder voice said ‘We are here’. I don’t know where these voices came from. Mybelief is that there is life after death and this unexplained experience only served to strengthen this belief. By Michelle Blade.