Meeting due on village’s ‘suburb of Lancaster’ housing fears

A view from the High Road in Halton, with one area proposed for new housing crossed out in red...
A view from the High Road in Halton, with one area proposed for new housing crossed out in red...

Residents are stepping up their protests against housing plans for the district.

Homeowners in Denny Beck just outside Halton will hold a public meeting tomorrow (November 12) to discuss plans to build on greenfield land near the A683.

The site is one of eight in the Lancaster district identified by the council for building between now and 2031.

Campaigners say the plans are unfeasible because the site hasn’t got mains gas and sewage, will increase traffic tenfold, cause overcrowding in local schools and will ruin the rural contour of the land which has been untouched for centuries and obliterate the wildlife.

A Residents Action Group has been set up to fight the plans.

“We are trying to preserve the area from development, and have already gone ahead with tree preservation orders and conservation of areas within the site,” said resident Janet Taylor in a group newsletter.

“We fear that we may all just become a suburb of Lancaster, and experience loss of eco systems, growing crime rates and increased pollution levels.”

The group is also against plans to build on another identified site, farmland between the West Coast Mainline and the soon-to-be remodelled Junction 34 of the M6.

The meeting is at the Greyhound pub, Halton, tonight at 7pm.

Other sites listed are at Torrisholme, South Carnforth, Slyne-with-Hest, South Lancaster (near the university), East Lancaster (near Lansil Golf Course) and Dolphinholme.

A survey of 150 residents in Dolphinholme, which has a population of around 250, has revealed that 98% were against plans to build 500 new houses in the village.

No definite decisions have yet been made and people have until November 30 to have their say on the proposals to build 13,000 new homes in the district by 2031.

This is part of a public consultation called ‘People, Homes and Jobs - How should we plan for our district’s future?’

In order to meet expanding housing and jobs needs over the next 16 years, the council is suggesting a threefold approach - a large urban extension to Lancaster where three options are being looked at - development at South Lancaster (including the land already identified at Whinney Carr), North East Lancaster to the east of the M6 and North East Lancaster to the west of the M6 - a review of green belt which could see 3,000 new homes, and village expansion.

More than 900 people attended recent drop-in events across the district on the 

Information on the plans can be found at or at local town halls.